Do we realise the the most precious gift, "the mother earth and our co-creatures"?


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Friday, April 6, 2007

That's Nature..!!

"The beauty always lies in the eyes of the beholder..!!"

And this stands by to any ecologist and any one who is really concerned about the nature and thou the "MOTHER EARTH". Thats how "Amecomania" has been originated from a tender age.

Unless we are into the nature, it can be never ours and thus it goes very true that "Nature is the best healer".

For all those who love the nature, its creatures and creations - from a microbe to a giant elephant, froma plankton to a huge blue whale, from a butterfly to a peacock, from fungi to rhododendron, from orchids to cacti, from rainforests to savannahs, from fathom of the sea to thehigh altitudes of the giant mountains..from giant albatross of far north to the humming birds in the tropics ....

For those who belive in nature, its aura, its escasity and who want it to be intact for a holy cause..!!

This picture was taken in Marvelli, The restored forest where any nature maniac will just loss himself in the beauty of the land, Pondicherry.(A Sri Aurobindo Ashram's creation)