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Thursday, April 5, 2007

Asiatic lions culled..!!

Asiatic lions culled...!!

Hello everyone. I don’t know if u all is aware of this fact, which happened recently. I have been a bit late to make ppl know as i m stuck with my own work. It’s again a heinous work of mankind and i should support wild animals getting wild if this continues. We can’t blame them for all those we define as "Human -Wildlife Conflict".And there again goes a huge trauma where Gir NP still the home of the Asiatic lions has become the death bed for them. I came to know of this cold brutal murder on 31st march from a new channel. Thanks to a friend of mine for letting me give some of the details. It like this"Poachers Kill Three More Asiatic Lions in India ..."The rare Asiatic lions are clearly not safe in their only natural habitat and an official revealed on Friday that poachers have killed three more animals at the Gir wildlife sanctuary in Gujarat, India. This is the second case of its kind in less than one month and has come as a huge shock to the officials. P. N. Roychoudhary, a forestry official in the western state of Gujarat, said “We are shocked. In one month six lions have been killed.”Incidentally, carcasses of the lions were found in all six cases but the claws, bones and skulls were missing and that suggests the motives behind the poaching. Lion’s claws are in demand because some people wear it as pendant hoping it to increase their virility, while the bones are used in traditional Chinese medicine.Though the lion population has increased from 327 in 2001to 359 in 2005 in Gir, the animals face dangers other than poaching as well. There are concerns about how the authorities are protecting the rare animals after it was reported that 25 Asiatic lions have drowned after falling into wells over the past five years. While Asiatic lion of the Gir sanctuary, that is already the target of organised poaching, is facing another threat... the open wells in the outskirts of the park. the report says 12 drownin in the well without parapeets n thn ppl are helpless due to poor govt n lack of money. This has resulted Gir to be the "missing ground of Asiatic lions” rather than to be their home. The unprotected areas in the outskirts of the National Park have been acting as a graveyard. The open wells have called around 12 lions to death in a year. Recently two cubs were drowned into wells. Poor economic status of the villagers, unskilled government, faulty govt. policies, corruption, ignorance, and most of all lack of humanity and ethics has led to such heinous crime. The news says two lionesses and a lion along with a hyena were poached n slaughtered brutally with paws left deserted. When I saw it, my hands were literally shaking as I felt ashamed and then couldn’t bear the blood shed of such innocent creatures. It reminded me of the scene from the movie “Gorillas in the Mist”, where Miss Fosse had gone to the local market and being approached by a villager to buy the ‘cut-fist’ of a gorilla.

That’s some more details I found out.Skinned remains of three Asiatic lions and a hyena have been found in the Gir wildlife sanctuary even as a team of police and forest officials were investigating into the poaching of three lionesses early this month.A total of 6 lions poached in this month. as per CBI, it seems to be organised poacers gang behind such a heinous crmie. And we should feel ashamed to be called " the superior animals with brains" on this earth. And it can be truly said.."Mankind is lost in the midst of wild."

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