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Friday, May 16, 2008

Hands- To destroy or to save?

Richard Dawkins in his first line of the first chapter of the most popular science book "The Selfish Gene" says "Intelligent life on a planet comes of age when it first works out the reason for its own existence."

Well let me apologise to all the readers for not posting in the blog for nearly two months. I was busy with hell lot of works-shifting to new home, my PhD entrance exam and blah blah. But recently I found a nice video with an indeed witty message and would love to share it with all the readers of AMECOMANIA. The post isn't relevant to the blog's theme but the context is for sure relevant and the message is what the blog wants to say to all readers- "Conserve nature and wildlife."

Biodiversity is a term encompassing the variety of organisms at all levels, from genetic variants to the same species, to species diversity and included the variety of ecosystems. The importance of biodiversity has been promoted by the International Convention on Biological Diversity, part of the Earth Summit held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. The Convention was signed by 152 nations commitment made to conserve the biodiversity and thus making earth a better place t survive.

"The Hand that can destroy is the same hand that can help to conserve."

The emphasis today is on conserving biodiversity. The conservation of biodiversity is not just about conserving few popular animal species like the panda or the North American spotted owl or the pumas, the turturas of New Zealand, endangered Red-cockaded woodpecker from the south-eastern USA or the or the Giant Redwood tree of California or The Mauna Kea-silverword nor does it means to conserve a chunk of wetlands and rainforest. It rather refers to the conservation of the variety, interactions between species and processes in ecosystems. This includes conserving genetic variation, the diversity if species and populations and also the life support properties of the ecosystems like climatic and drainage effects.
The conservation of the whole ecosystem may be the solution to preserve the existing biota and thus the animals dwelling in it.

“Charity begins at home” as the saying goes and so does it apply to conservation strategies. Establishment of parks, zoos, sanctuaries, and aquarias do play major role in conservation (work of the Govt. And the NGOs) but I believe it should start from the individual’s side also. Once people are aware of the pros and cons and their conscience is raised with the noble “conservation” approach, the earth can be a much better place to stay and so is this video all about where the hand imprints the various creatures of the earth like a pariah kite, a stag, a rabbit, a frog, a tiger, an ostrich, a crocodile and finally two monkeys into their individual actions. A short video of 37 seconds for sure but the lovely sounds enthral the mind with feel of wildlife and thus a step towards conservation.

*(Do use a headphone to listen the background score while watching the video and feel the real FEEL.)


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