Do we realise the the most precious gift, "the mother earth and our co-creatures"?


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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A new sun with new rays of hope...!!

(wishing all the readers of this blogpage a great year ahead.. 2008)

A new day starts as the sun rises in the far east... with millions of new tiny rays growing into a great day with the heat rising and slowly setting in the deep sea, far in the west... the land where a newday awaits to born again .. with another day ahead... scattering its bright colorful lovely rays all across the blue sky giving it a tingy, viridian to brown chrome to yellowish orangeviridian red color to slowly cracking into a deep yellow to white aura circled by a sky blue pastel of color... well thatswhat a artist can paint on his canvas....
but capturing the real sorts need great patience... great passion and great enthu....

and thats hope to get a single best sort of the year, well last year thou.. i woke up at around 3 40 in the night andhalf dozing waiting to get the new year's grandsun rising from the Bay of Bengal....

Yup... thats the new sun... of 2008 as for the post schedules.. well thats last year's nearsun... captured in early dawn, in the chilka IB..

"The beauty always lies in the eyes of the beholder..!!

And this stands by to any ecologist and any one who is really concerned about the nature and thou the "MOTHER EARTH".Unless we are into the nature, it can be never ours and thus it goes very true that "Nature is the best healer".- For all thsoe who love the nature, its creatures, its aura, its escasity and who want it to be intact for a holy cause..!!

In the lap of the nature's valuable gift....we and ourco-creatures... !!

The passion for a good sort is the craze for a photographer...
the passion for being in the nature is the cravefor a naturalist...
and to understand the strands of the nature and the game of life, the wide spread diversity of the nature is the aim of an ecologist...
that forms the build up stone for the blog "Amecomania".
- My belief

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kunal bhatia said...

what a good idea to capture the first sunrise of the new year; and that's a good shot too :)
- Mindless Mumbai